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Kids Eyecare

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Eye Exam in Sudbury, Ontario Area

Children should have their vision assessed starting at 6 months to ensure healthy eyes.

Did you know that 90% of what you learn is associated with your vision? Most kids adapt to their visual status since they believe that everyone sees the same way. Only a comprehensive eye exam with an Optometrist can properly evaluate your child’s visual status and determine if there is any type of intervention that would allow them to succeed to their full potential. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s vision, you should seek the opinion of an Optometrist. You should absolutely have your child examined before they start school so their scholastic potential will be maximized. Vision is key to learning and understanding.

Should there be any visual correction to help your child achieve their maximum potential, the friendly staff of Opticians at Eye Style Optical would be glad to help you find the pair of glasses that fit your child. Come see the large selection of children’s frames and discuss the lens options that would benefit them the most in this age of technology and visual demands. Even without an actual visual deficiency, there are solutions that would help your child in their learning environment.

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Kids Eyecare